Sophrology Divonne - Pays de Gex

The "Fitness" of the brain

  • It is the school of happiness  
  • It is the study of the harmony of consciousness
  • It is a training to face with the realities of life 

  • Sophrology is based on:
    • simple exercises to perceive body sensations
    • respiratory techniques specific to the needs of everyone
    • mental exercises that highlight the values giving a sense to life  

  • The expression "Caycedian sophrology" provides from its founder Professor Alfonso Caycedo, neuropsychiatrist in Madrid who created the term "sophrology" in 1960


Muriel Régnier

64 rue du Galet de Gargantua

01220 Divonne-les-Bains

Tél: 06 72 91 88 96